The business rules engine for enterprise SaaS

Automate operational decisions, streamline your business processes

Streamlined Processes

Need to automate business decisions like account assignment, opportunity scoring or eligibility checks? Don't want to end up with lots of custom code that's expensive to maintain and hard to change?

Streamline your business processes with a flexible, cloud-based rule engine that plugs right into your process.

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Account Management

How do get real-time visibility on account status, including related opportunities, contacts, and activities?

By taking all of the attributes of an account and creating a comprehensible account rating system. Ensure the most strategic accounts are fully supported and hot new opportunities actively pursued.

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Agility with Control

Customized applications can take weeks to update. Can your business afford to wait?

What if business users could edit rules in simple decision tables, test them safely on real data and deploy them with a few clicks? With peace of mind, knowing that a full version history and audit trail is kept.

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See the Salesforce AppExchange app in action on a simple Lead Assignment example

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Streamline Sales Operations

Need to keep your sales team focused on the most valuable leads and accounts? Looking to eliminate tedious manual tasks?

We can help -- with automated account and contact rating, flexible assignment rules for leads and accounts, and much more.

Integrate our powerful 'decision engine' to boost sales productivity and drive more consistent outcomes. While giving management and sales ops the tools to update business rules quickly and easily -- without IT or admin support.

If you're a Salesforce user, check out our AppExchange app. Otherwise, learn how the Decisions on Demand Platform can integrate with your application.

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Account Management

You need an accurate status of your key accounts. But who has time to sift through hundreds of contacts, activities and opportunities in Salesforce, or spend hours generating reports in Excel?


Read our case study and see how Consilio, a legal services and technology company, aggregates all of their account information to create an account rating system.


Want to learn more?  View our data sheet to see how you can gain better visibility into the health of your accounts and see an increase in accountability from your sales team.


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Integrate Seamlessly

The Decisions on Demand platform was built for the cloud from the ground up. Our AppExchange app wraps the platform components and provides a totally seamless experience for Salesforce customers -- no coding required.

A pre-built integration as well as complete functional solutions are also available for Intacct.

And the platform also integrates easily with most SaaS applications through REST APIs and JavaScript UI components.

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