Powerful and Flexible Assignment Rules

Assigning the right owner for Salesforce leads, accounts, opportunities and other records is critical. It’s easy enough when your team is small — but the complexity quickly grows as you add reps, geo coverage and products.

Do your reps complain that they are getting the wrong leads? Is your sales ops team handling dozens of assignment exceptions manually? Is your admin struggling to maintain hundreds of workflow and assignment rules? Decisions on Demand can help!

With our AppExchange app, you can:
  • Respond faster to new leads and cases — assign the right rep automatically, every time
  • Optimize your territory alignment — with Named Accounts, zip-based routing and more
  • Save time and effort — fewer exceptions to handle, less work to write and maintain rules

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Geo-based Assignment
Geo-based routing
Zip, state, area code and more

Round Robin Assignment
Round Robin Distribution
Any object, standard or custom

Named Accounts
Named Accounts
Match on name, domain, DUNS number

Excel file
Excel Import & Export
Easily update rules in bulk

Normalize and enrich
Normalize and enrich
Standardize and auto-populate field values

Team Assignments
Team Assignments
Account and Opportunity Teams

Update rules safely
Update rules safely
Test console, version tracking & roll-back

Thousand of rules and assignments

Sample Decision Table