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Complex Lead Assignments

Complex Lead Assignments Made Easy

Get leads to the right rep, quickly, every time.

Easier said than done, if you’re distributing thousands of leads to a large distributed sales team…

Decisions on Demand was built for the challenge!

  • Scalable: handles thousands of sophisticated assignment rules with ease
  • Complete: Round Robin, Load Balancing, Lead-to-Account matching and much more
  • Flexible: extensive customization options to support any sales model

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Streamlined Lead Assignment Processes

Assign any Salesforce object — standard or custom

Decisions on Demand is not just for leads. You can assign Opportunities, Campaign Members, Cases, Accounts, Contacts or any other Salesforce Object — standard or custom.

With our unique Excel export/import capability it’s easy to share rules — for territories or named accounts for instance — between objects.

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Automation beyond assignment

process automationOur flexible rules engine does more than just assignment — you can streamline business processes marketing and sales operations by eliminating a range of manual tasks.

    Decisions on Demand can help with:

  • Data enrichment and normalization
  • Rating and scoring
  • Eligibility determination
  • Follow-up task creation
  • Documentation checklists
  • … and much more

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