Decisions on Demand brings powerful business rules management to enterprise SaaS applications.

We help our customers automate the decisions driving advanced business processes — so they can operate more efficiently, adapt more quickly to changing business conditions and save on IT costs. Our cloud-based business rules management system (BRMS) includes a flexible rule engine and simple tools that allow business users to manage business rules themselves — from inside the enterprise SaaS platforms they use every day.



Jelle van Geuns
20+ years of enterprise software experience, 15 of which building decision management solutions. Before starting Decisions on Demand, Jelle held senior technical leadership positions at ILOG and IBM, where he specialized in strategic product integrations as well as industry solutions for financial services and insurance.



Marty Cavanaugh picture Marty Cavanaugh
20+ years of experience driving consistent and sustainable growth for enterprise software companies. Marty is a results oriented sales leader who is passionate about our clients’ success.  Before joining Decisions on Demand, Marty held strategic sales positions at ILOG, Composite Software and Cisco Systems where he helped open new markets and drive sustained growth.



Neal Strickberger
30+ years of experience in operations, business scaling, web content delivery networks, relationship management, software architecture, network infrastructure, partnerships, BI data reporting and visualization, SAAS integration, procurement, negotiation and contracts. Success in environments from scrappy startups to corporate to consulting.
Manu Das
20 years of experience building enterprise and SaaS CRM products. Founded, and led Soffront Software, Inc. to a successful CRM company and has been responsible for managing the worldwide executive activities of the company including sales, marketing, and research/development.
Jean-Yves Tripier
15+ years experience in starting and growing companies through technology with a focus on new lines of business and services, profitability, performance and shareholder value. Specialties include Monetizing technology, Product/Market fit, Strategic Thinking and Analysis, Strategic Marketing, and open innovation.