Decisions on Demand Platform

The Decisions on Demand Platform is the simplest, most cost-effective way to add sophisticated decision automation to enterprise SaaS applications.

Are you deploying a new business process on an existing SaaS application? Implementing a new application from scratch? Whatever your role, we’ll help you deliver unique capabilities fast, without the maintenance headaches that come with custom code or complex legacy integrations.

  • In house IT teams – eliminate manual process bottlenecks, help your organization respond faster to customers and adapt quickly when business needs change
  • System integrators – deliver unique functionality with a transformative impact on your clients’ business
  • Application developers – differentiate your app with powerful decisioning capabilities, simplify configuration for individual customers, and get your product to market faster

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What is the Decisions on Demand Platform?

  • A flexible cloud-based rules engine – fast and scalable, the engine is configurable to handle most transactional decisions and data models.
  • Simple tools for business users to manage rules – a simple JavaScript decision table editor lets business users make routine changes without IT support. And Excel import and export make it easy to make bulk updates and collaborate offline.
  • A business policy repository to manage changes safely – supports collaborative development and testing, keeps track of versions and audit trails and allows easy rollback.
  • REST, JavaScript and Java APIs – cover both runtime and management components and allow you to make the platform a seamless part of your application.
  • Subscription-based – simple monthly fee, no software to install and maintain, no hardware costs