Decisions on Demand for Salesforce

Decisions on Demand for Salesforce is a flexible and powerful business rules engine seamlessly integrated with Salesforce through our AppExchange app.

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Product features

Edit business rules in simple tables

Create or update business rules using a simple table format — either right inside the Salesforce UI or through Excel. No need to have your business input converted into technical implementation – what you see is what you get. And it’s easy to collaborate through Chatter or e-mail if you need input or approvals.

Decision Table Editor

Apply policies to any Salesforce or custom object

You can use Decisions on Demand business rules with any Salesforce object. Business policies can be invoked from a custom button or link, triggers, Visual Workflow or APEX code.

Deploy your business rules with confidence

To update your business rules, just edit the table. You can safely test the new version against real data to make sure everything works as expected.

Test Console

Then when you’re ready to deploy, just hit save and the new policy is live immediately — no IT support necessary.

Audit trail information is automatically added, so you’ll always know who made changes, and when. You can view a prior version to compare, or to produce reports for compliance reasons. And it’s easy to roll back to an earlier version if you need to — one click is all it takes.

Manage all your business rules in one place

All your business logic is accessed from one convenient tab – no more hunting around in configuration settings to find the rules you are looking for.