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CASE STUDY: Deriving Account Rating and Visibility in Salesforce

Consilio Case Study

  • Consilio selects Decisions on Demand platform for constructing their account rating system to help manage sales opportunities and gain visibility into the health of client accounts
  • Account rating system takes into account- and contact-level history/activities/tasks, opportunities, and company-defined weighting factors to calculate account health
  • Decisions on Demand platform allows for customization of the rating system without the need for technical resources
  • Consilio uses dashboards and alerts from standard and custom objects to increase accountability from the sales team, focus the sales reps on relationship building, and provide unbiased account information to executive management

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As your business grows, sales management gets harder. You need better tools to make sure each account gets the right level of attention. All the data you need is in Salesforce — but how do you boil it down to actionable metrics that you can use to better focus your team, increase accountability and react quickly when revenue and relationships are at risk?

To compute meaningful activity metrics, you need to look at the account history in detail — a face to face meeting counts for more than a mass email, a deal closed last month outweighs one from two years back. And you need to evaluate metrics in context — the ‘right’ engagement level depends on the nature of your business and the type of account.

Enter Decisions on Demand — a powerful and flexible rules engine that continually analyzes sales activity based on criteria you define. Use it to:

  • Rate and categorize accounts based on their profile and importance to your business
  • Compute meaningful metrics from the account’s opportunities, contacts and activities
  • Define relevant activity targets based on account ratings and categories
  • Flag accounts and opportunities at risk as soon as activity starts to drop below target

Getting started is easy — define your rating rules and activity metrics, starting from our template, and deploy them with a few clicks. Changes are equally fast. No technical skills required — and no complex configuration or custom code to maintain.

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