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Complex Assignments Made Easy

Assign the right owner and team for every Salesforce record — quickly and accurately

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SalesForce AppExchange Partner

Built for Salesforce

Seamlessly integrated into Salesforce. Supports Financial Services Cloud, Partner Relationship Management, and more.

Assign Any Object

Assign any object

Assign any object, including Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, Cases and custom objects


Scalable & Flexible

Highly configurable and extensible to fit virtually any sales model. Scales to handle the most demanding global deployments.

Account Based Sales

Account Based Sales

Assign a complete team to work each account. Match inbound leads and route them to the SDR, AE or CSM based on sales stage.

Marketing Conversion

Make your marketing dollars count

Every lost or neglected lead represents wasted investment, and worse, potential lost revenue

  • Do your reps complain that they are getting the wrong leads?
  • Are leads sitting in queues for hours or days waiting to be processed?
  • Are multiple people reaching out to the same account?
  • Are you struggling with duplicate leads or lead-to-account matching?
  • Does it take days or weeks to update assignment rules?

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What do our customers say?


It’s easy enough to manage assignments when your team is small — but the complexity quickly grows as you add reps, geo coverage and products. The built-in Salesforce tools can’t handle the job. Custom code is expensive and hard to maintain.

Decisions on Demand provides a complete set of features to meet the most complex assignment challenges:


    • Flexible geographic assignments — using any combination of address fields and telephone area codes

Geo-based distribution

  • Concise, legible rules

    • Reusable region definitions — from continents down to zip codes

    • Automatic normalization of country and state names

  • International support for postal codes and phone numbers


Round Robin and Load Balancing

  • Use Round Robin to distribute leads equally across a group of reps

  • Add Load Balancing to send more leads to reps with lower existing workload

  • Customize either mode with advanced features like weighting, caps, absences and working hours


Lead-to-Account Matching

  • Automatically match incoming leads to existing accounts or contacts, based on fields like company name, email domain and location

  • Assign leads to the same owner as the existing record, or a member on the account or opportunity team


  • Assign accounts to territories based on geo, industry, company size, and more

  • Complements Salesforce Enterprise Territory Management

    • Add powerful tools for authoring, testing, and versioning of rules

    • Handle complex object models and exception cases


Team Assignments

  • Assign a team of users to a record to cover multiple roles, such as an Account Executive and Sales Engineer

  • Use the Account and Opportunity Teams in Salesforce, or create custom user lookup fields


  • Route selected leads to Channel Partners

    • Determine partner eligibility based on geo or other criteria

    • Manage partner tiers with weighted distribution

  • Optional integration with Salesforce Partner Relationship Management

    • Partners view leads in a dedicated portal

    • Large partners can manage their internal lead distribution rules


Skills-Based Routing

  • Assign a rep or engineer with the right language skills and product knowledge

  • Match required skill levels to optimise utilization of your most senior staff


Weights and Caps

  • Reward high performers with more leads, and avoid overloading junior staff as they learn

  • Enforce assignment caps to make sure no rep gets overloaded


Working hours and absences

  • Temporarily pause assignments when users are on vacation

  • Respect working hours to make sure all leads get a fast response


Any Object Any Field

  • Assign any object, standard or custom

  • Assign to custom lookups or the standard owner field


Scheduled Reassignment

  • Automatically re-assign leads when the original rep does not follow up in time

  • Enforce Service Level Agreements or automatically transition accounts to Customer Success when an opportunity closes


Excel Import and Export

  • Easily update large numbers of rules in bulk

  • Share rules with managers and other stakeholder who do not have Salesforce access


Update Rules Safely

  • Build in test console and version history

  • Detailed execution log supports in depth reporting and analysis


Customer Success Story: Asana

Asana’s Objective
Asana’s Sales Operations team had been performing most of its Lead and Opportunity assignments using spreadsheets and weekly data load updates. The process was time-consuming, complicated, and the Asana team was concerned about how long it took to get Leads assigned to the right sales team members. Asana wanted to implement a new solution for various groups in Sales and Customer Success. The solution would automatically assign Leads and Opportunities using Round-Robin capabilities by region as well as custom fields – including an account’s sales team and the user’s out-of-office indicator.

Why Asana chose Decisions on Demand
Decisions on Demand met the primary requirement of Opportunity Round-Robin assignments out-of-the-box with little additional configuration. During the implementation process, Asana found Decisions on Demand to be so easy to use that assignments can be modified, and the Decisions on Demand tool administered by non-technical users. The tool also helped inform additional iterations to the internal assignment process and assisted in a transition to the proper use of the Lead object. Finally, the tool uses minimal organizational resources like API calls to an external service, which had been an ongoing concern for Asana.

Asana’s Return on Investment
Decisions on Demand allowed Asana to drastically reduce the amount of time spent on internal communications and data loads to reassign Salesforce Lead, Opportunity, and custom object records. It cut back on the number of custom fields and workflows previously needed to maintain the assignment process. Sales Reps have given the new process plenty of positive feedback; and changes requested by Sales Management are now built, tested and rolled out in minutes instead of hours or days.

Decisions on Demand uses a unique “decision table” based approach.

This provides a concise, intuitive representation of assignment rules and scales easily, even if you have hundreds or thousands of rules.

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