Decisions on Demand provides a powerful and flexible business rules management system (BRMS) for enterprise SaaS apps, giving you:

  • Better visibility – business users have direct access to decision logic
  • Faster deployment – changes to business rules go live in hours, not weeks
  • Robust change management – built-in versioning, rollback and audit trail
  • Improved decision quality – integrated testing, easier collaboration
  • Reduced IT costs — routine changes can be made by business users themselves
  • An enterprise-wide solution –- across processes and applications

Use cases

When should you consider Decisions on Demand? For example if you need to automate decisions related to:
  • Product, service or benefits eligibility
  • Online pre-qualification tools for agents or customers
  • Cross-sell/up-sell recommendations
  • Shipping and billing policies
  • Insurance or warranty claims
  • Tech support diagnostics

More generally, any repeatable business decision with logic that changes frequently is a candidate for rules-based automation.


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