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Published on: Sep 20, 2018 by Nola

AsanaAsana’s Objective
Asana’s Sales Operations team had been performing most of its Lead and Opportunity assignments using spreadsheets and weekly data load updates. The process was time-consuming, complicated, and the Asana team was concerned about how long it took to get Leads assigned to the right sales team members. Asana wanted to implement a new solution for various groups in Sales and Customer Success. The solution would automatically assign Leads and Opportunities using Round-Robin capabilities by region as well as custom fields – including an account’s sales team and the user’s out-of-office indicator.

Why Asana chose Decisions on Demand
Decisions on Demand met the primary requirement of Opportunity Round-Robin assignments out-of-the-box with little additional configuration. During the implementation process, Asana found Decisions on Demand to be so easy to use that assignments can be modified, and the Decisions on Demand tool administered by non-technical users. The tool also helped inform additional iterations to the internal assignment process and assisted in a transition to the proper use of the Lead object. Finally, the tool uses minimal organizational resources like API calls to an external service, which had been an ongoing concern for Asana.

Asana’s Return on Investment
Decisions on Demand allowed Asana to drastically reduce the amount of time spent on internal communications and data loads to reassign Salesforce Lead, Opportunity, and custom object records. It cut back on the number of custom fields and workflows previously needed to maintain the assignment process. Sales Reps have given the new process plenty of positive feedback; and changes requested by Sales Management are now built, tested and rolled out in minutes instead of hours or days.


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