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Milestone Systems

Published on: Sep 20, 2018 by Nola

Milestone SystemsMilestone’s Objective
Milestone Systems is a global leader in IP video management software and surveillance solutions. Milestone wanted to assign accounts and territories based on any combination of account and related objects fields. Splitting the United States was their biggest challenge – especially larger states like Texas, California, and New York. They were spending excessive, costly time dealing with more than 200 workflows.

Why Milestone Chose Decisions on Demand
Decisions on Demand had the configurability and flexibility needed for Milestone to define territories for sales rep assignments. For example, they used counties to define the New York City metro area and zip codes and counties for upstate New York and New Jersey. Additionally, they can assign an entire country to one sales rep, or split a country into two territories like Germany based on Postleitzahl(postal code).

Milestone’s Return on Investment
Decisions on Demand allowed Milestone to phaseout many workflows used to assign territories. Required updates are easily done using an Excel spreadsheet. “We are able to bring in all our fields, and we can test all our fields,” says Jarl Hansen, Salesforce Manager. “The required updates we do on our side are easy,” he said, “I mean we do it in Excel; we upload it, and then we are up and running. An educated guess would be that we have a two-digit or three-digit return on investment year one.”


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